How Mainstream Journalists Turn Contrived Controversies Into Real Ones

They won't say liars "lie" but they will claim to know what their sources "believe"

No specific or topical peg for this one. But I do think, with the government-shutdown deadline approaching fast and House Republicans intent on keeping aid to Ukraine shut off (while turning up the aid spigot for Israel)(in exchange for ransoms), we’re going to hear a lot of contradictory nonsense in the coming days:


  • Do Republicans believe the U.S. military has overextended itself, leaving America, Taiwan, and the rest of the globe vulnerable to China (as they claim when they oppose Ukraine aid)?

  • Or do they think nations that get attacked have the right and obligation to defend themselves (as they claim when they express support for Israel aid)?

  • If an ally “facing existential threat” needs aid, how could they possibly support redirecting “funding for Ukraine” to "Israel immediately"?

  • Will Republicans hold government-funding hostage because they “believe” that the national debt is “the greatest threat to our national security”?

  • Or will they condition Israel aid on slashing IRS enforcement, which would increase the national debt?

I’ll spoil this for you:

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